A Rune*

Let the wind of the Spirit rise over the Earth,

Let the Tree of Life be shaken.

That the leaves may fall upon this world,

And bring healing to the nations.

The Spirit taught me this late one night on the beach in Wilmette, Illinois, USA. It was circa 1990.

I have felt at liberty to use it nearly everywhere; whether in/for cities or nations. I simply replace the underlined words with whatever proper geographic noun I prefer. In person I have spoken this as if an incantation from Texas to England to Uzbekistan to Indonesia. But even much farther reaching with hands spread wide over maps of the Earth.

Only once was I prevented by the Spirit from doing so and I will tell you the short story.

In 1998, I was driving along some highway in Los Angeles and I went around a bend in the road. There, far off in the distance, I saw, for the very first time with my own eyes, the Hollywood sign. Of course, it was familiar to me from photos, but never in person—until that very moment. Almost immediately I began to recite my rune, but never got beyond the first letter: L. Instantly it was as if the Spirit put a hand over my chest to halt my efforts. I knew I had to stop speaking and I did. Within seconds I was swiftly overcome with emotion. For the implication was clear to me: Either the Spirit had no intention whatsoever of ever bringing healing to Hollywood, or for some other reason unknown to me, I was prevented from making this declaration.

Since that day I have never spoken these lines over Hollywood. And despite my residence in LA lasting for some months then, I never even once uttered a prayer for the area Hollywood. I am sure others do. But for some reason, it is not for me to do so.

The only thing I can think is if Los Angeles is maybe the Great Prostitute, then this could be why God prevents such a blessing. Or could it be that this is an incurable wound?

* “Rune” defined: a saying with mystical meaning. Released for the 30.

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