An Encouragement: Of Droughts and Prophets


In times past, the prophets were present to basically direct the people back to God. They spoke of being called by God to proclaim repentance. And for those who listened to them and obeyed, the prophets encouraged to persevere in faith. Sadly, but frequently, the prophets were murdered—since nobody likes much to be told they are bad (and are sinners sinning), and that they need to repent and change their lives. In most cases, eventually the unrepentant could tolerate it no more, and that was almost always the end of the prophet. 

Nowadays, it’s hard to know what voices are prophetic—if in fact any even exist. Actually, in the age of relativism, anyone can find apparent inspiration in anyone or anything. But this is a function—a condition, if you will—of the season in which we find ourselves. Meaning, in times when the people are far from God, even the prophets do not always speak true truth. And today it can be challenging to find pure voices, amidst the current tidal waves of communication and information. Therefore, the role, or office of the prophet is at best questioned and commonly misunderstood. At worst, it is maligned, and the very title becomes a bad word.

And yet, despite the dark times, the remnant still needs to be encouraged.


It is to this end that I have sought to learn what can be known from prophets who have a proven track record. Some readers might balk, but to make it more palatable, I will not even mention the sources. Even so, I hope to take some of their words and cull them down. And my goal is to encourage. So here goes.

The US is currently in a spiritual drought and has been for a number of decades. However, this drought has a divinely appointed end date and time. God will one day declare the end and the drought will be over. Therefore, we must acknowledge the drought and recognize that there is nothing we can do to stop it early. But we are encouraged that it will one day most certainly cease. Similarly, with this knowledge, we are not discouraged by the rising tide of godlessness that we see around us. It’s merely a result of the drought. And God has ordained this season and the coming end date.

Drought is defined as:

  • A period of dryness, especially when prolonged.
  • A period of dryness that causes extensive damage to crops or prevents their successful growth.
  • A prolonged or chronic shortage or lack of something expected or desired.

In a real drought, crops are damaged. But in a spiritual drought, it is people who are harmed. Both the redeemed and unredeemed can be damaged and have stunted growth. Sadly it’s part of this reality, but we the redeemed do not lose hope. For we will come out in the end, okay.

This whole idea of a drought is actually greatly encouraging to me, and here’s why: I am occasionally conflicted by verses which state that God’s kingdom will never stop growing, yet it seems sometimes to have ceased in my society. See, I perceive the mounting non-biblical culture around me. That is, I observe the growing values, norms, beliefs and behavior which are in stark contrast to what the Bible teaches. 

So the idea of a drought reassures me that yes, these are bad times; but for some reason, that’s what it needs to be, as deemed by God…and it’s only temporary. The Church here will soon see a different norm.

As to this specific drought, when it lifts, there will be some drastic and remarkable changes (per the prophets): 

  1. The way the True Church is perceived by non-Christians will change dramatically…into awe, wonder and sometimes fear.
  1. This same True Church will operate in profound new levels of unity.
  1. A great harvest of Christian conversions will happen. It will be a great awakening, when as many as 10-20% of the population will hear and respond to the repentance call.
  1. Because there will be so many, Christians will even gather in stadiums at times, where meetings will be characterized by demonstrations of power. Some people will be physically healed.
  1. In fact, some Christians will operate in a tremendously powerful healing ministry, with an ability to heal every disease. That’s not to say that every person will be healed, but that no disease known to man will prevail.

The next three points may be received by some as bad news; and justifiably so. They may be a catalyst for the above items, or they may take place at a different time, even much later.

  1. A new empire will emerge in Europe, that has traces of Communism and Islam. This powerful empire will terrorize the Earth in various ways. But God will raise up a Church that will faithfully stand against it. Even so, a great global-reaching war will take place.
  1. As part of this war, the US will be attacked, most likely on the East coast. The result will be that the sovereignty of the US will be temporarily disrupted. In fact, for a time, parts of the US will be occupied by foreign forces.
  1. Unfortunately, disaster will come to both the West and East coasts of the US. In the East it will primarily be the result of the global war; while the West will face earthquakes, disease and famine. The end result will be that many people will move to the Midwest where they will find refuge. 

The ultimate reason for all this dramatic activity is due to the return of Jesus to the Earth. Just as profound worldwide miracles took place in the window of time when Israel became a nation, so will supernatural activity take place when Jesus comes back. This is ultimately the season we are in, or about to enter. This is not just good news…it is great news, for the redeemed.

Amos 8:11 says

Behold the days are coming, declares the Lord God, when I will send a famine on the land, not a famine for bread or a thirst for water, but rather for hearing the words of the Lord.

I am not saying that the time we live in is that which was spoken by Amos, but it might be. On the surface that sounds preposterous when one considers the millions of online sermon videos; or the thousands of churches where faithful servants speak regularly to attentive crowds. And yet, it seems that so proportionately few are hearing and listening to the true truth. 


Nevertheless, the drought will end.
And those alive will marvel at how they felt at times that it never would. 
And they will chuckle. For it will all be but a fading memory.

Thankfully, only a memory. 

© 2019, Alignment Life

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