The Four Laws of Creation
These simple laws govern everything. (Includes a replacement for Maslow’s Pyramid.)

Morality: Right and Wrong
Setting the Standard


The Next End of the World
Do we only have about 24 years left?

The Light of Life — Michael Clarage, PhD
A Scientist Inadvertently Describes the Mechanics of Prayer

“Love is my Philosophy”
A Cute Song

A Cycle of Life and Death

Careers and the Four Faces

A New Religion? Or New Control?

Aspen Trees
How Long Do they Live?

Living in a New Age

Why the World Already Ended and How You Might Have Missed It

Jesus and Paul

The Rain that Never Fell
The Latter Rain Movement and William Branham

Heresies (False Teachings)

The Return of Jesus
Is He Ever Coming Back?

Acts of the Apostles
The Part not Written Down


Streams of Christianity
A diagram of some historical denominations.

Here by the Water
A poem by Jim Croegaert.

The True Jane Austen
A panygeric by Henry Austen (brother to Jane Austen), 1817

In Between
We the now and not yet people, with a now and not yet King…

Pool Party
For help identifying our face order and part of the Myers-Briggs preference.

New Apostle’s Creed
I believe in God the Father.


I once visited the Soviet Union. The end of my trip coincided closely with the collapse of that nation.

Needs and Motivations
A replacement for Maslow’s Pyramid.

“Let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas…the birth of Santa.”

The Great Prostitute
Biblical prophecy is about as subjective as you can get in the world of Christian theology.

New Words
An ongoing list of words that should be added to the English language.

No Answers
There are no answers. Only stories.

Today I was reflecting on various married couples I know (or have known) who don’t really talk to each other. 

“Idealism can be talked, and even felt; it cannot be lived.”

Today I am writing about a very specific situation, but one that any missionary or Christian humanitarian worker could face. It has to do with being arrested or taken hostage while overseas. 

I would like to share one of my recent craft projects.

There is no Justice, but there is Forgiveness
As a kind of oldest child in the story of the prodigal son, I tend to keep track of things. I have an instinct towards justice, where right is rewarded and wrong is punished. 

Observations of a Christian Leader
Maybe it’s too recent to be trying to draw conclusions from the Bill Hybels escapade from 2018. Even so, I always like to analyze and if possible, to learn.

The Misconception of Baptism
For all the accusations leveled at the Roman Catholic Church, there is really only one error that is fundamentally at the core of all other problems. 

A New Philosophy of Work
When it comes to work and action, there are two motivations which are fundamental. The first is to honor God and the second is to survive.

In Conflict? Remember the 4G’s
Usually a conflict brings on trauma and frustration. In those times, it can be helpful to have some easy-to-remember tools. 

A Third Temple in Jerusalem
Many people are quite familiar with the notion of a third Jewish Temple. 

Cutting Rock with a Knife?
There is an incredible story I want to share today. I heard it from Graham Hancock and then later from Bob Cornuke.

Obituary for the American Church
I rarely do this, but…

A casual internet search of the phrase “replacement theology” will turn up many results; about half of which will denounce it and the rest be in support.

Some Interesting Human Differences
Culture and personality variations. (chart included)

Elephants and Mental Illness
I once briefly sat on an elephant.

Poetry is experience, documented.

A poem about hope.

The Judgement of God
Let me explain how I recently became convinced that sometimes widespread immorality is simply God’s judgement on display.

Suffragium: To Vote or Not to Vote
For most of my adult Christian life, I never voted. I wasn’t even registered.

What is Success?
I don’t relish in failure. Instead, I turn away from it, whenever I get the chance.

The Chaser
The past chases, and we seem to have no option but to flee, or to be overtaken.

Five Love Languages and the First Commandment
The God of the Bible is called love. And Christians have two main charges: love God and love people.  

I find that the cousins, Jesus and John, have some curious potential symbolism.

One Pitfall of Love Languages
Love languages can bring a great deal of insight, joy and encouragement. But they can also cause disappointment.

The Moon
The moon is a beautiful symbol of redeemed human beings.

The Reality of Drought
During a drought, some things can still grow a little. 

A Song

Does beauty lead to love?

Every Knee will Bow
There are some verses of the Bible which sound very universal.

A Rune

Successfully Failing and the Humanness of God
1. Did God make man in his own image?
2. Or did man make God in his own image?

U and I could be more than just vowels
Reflections on romance.

An Encouragement: Of Droughts and Prophets
In times past, the prophets were present to basically direct the people back to God.

A New Word
At times, it seems necessary to create a new word: INFPATHY

Monk Never
This is not an article; but an image for further reflection…

The Vow
Part 2 in the After the Influence Series.
I ran into an old friend, and he told me that he is now divorced.

Part 1 in the After the Influence Series.
Snap!,” cried Patrick, as his castle of blocks collapsed.

I like to run away. It is my preferred, although imperfect, style of dealing with the world.

The Core of Christianity 
If we could reduce the entire Bible down to one single verse, it would be this:
You must be born again. (John 3:3)  

A Provocation 
This is not an article; but a simple, profound quote for pondering…

Simplist Christianity 
I read the other day that there are about 43,000 Christian denominations in the world today. Do we really need another one? 

Art and Revelation 
I was just reading through a helpful article on the four main schools of prophetic interpretation.

Jesus 2.0 
(aka The Second Coming…and Preterism mentioned)

Don’t You Forget about Me 
Reflections on the Last Supper. Part 2 in the Renouncing Rome Series. (Part 1 is the book, Trinity: In His Own Words.) 

Observations and Dogs
I am an observer, so I shall tell you what I see.
I see my hands, forming these words. They are connected to a body, that which I call myself. When I look in the mirror, I see a face. My hair, my eyes, my mouth. It’s alive.


Baruch’s Bad Day
Have you ever had a bad day at work? Ever gone home and complained to family or friends about what happened?


A Letter to Glow, Inc.
When I first moved to Colorado Springs, over twenty years ago, someone I met said, “Have you seen the castle?”


Thoughts for a New Doctor 
A poem for physicians.


To You Mountains 
A poem inspired by nature.