Alabaster Collection Volume 1

Alabaster Collection Volume 1

A forum of reflection for folks in between.

An anthology of articles and poems exploring various aspects, joys and complexities of living in between. This “in between” state is the reality for all time for all Christians…for those who live in the now and not yet Kingdom; a phrase popularized by George Eldon Ladd. This book explores contrast: the longing for (and promise of) perfect love and happiness, and yet, the broken and oftentimes, cruel reality of life. 

We the now and not yet people, With a now and not yet King, In a now and not yet Kingdom. We are always in between. (from the included poem In Between)

Other topics: A new Apostle’s Creed; a new denomination; a replacement for Maslow’s Pyramid; a list of new words to add to the English language; the Shamir; loving God with the five love languages; a new take on Revelation; the Last Supper revisited; the one thing every human agrees upon, shares in common and could unite around (page 251); a list of 32 human differences with a compatibility exercise; encouragement for a bad day (from Baruch), and much more.

Also includes a tribute to the Reeper.

280 pages, 2020 Paperback, 5.25″ x 8″ eBook (eBook not optimized for small screens, eg: phones.)

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