Pool Party

Imagine that you get invited to a party at the home of someone who has a swimming pool in the back yard. As you walk out to where the pool is, you glance around and see about 50 people. You quickly realize that you know almost everyone there and think to yourself that this looks like a chance to have a nice time.

But you also notice something else. It seems that the people are congregated in four different groupings. The first group is easy to spot as they are in the pool. They are splashing, throwing balls, playing games, laughing and having a loud time. Then, you see that sitting on the side of the pool with their feet dangling in the water, are individuals talking calmly among themselves. As you pass by, you hear them discussing topics like business, computers, stock market, politics and sports.

Walking further you see a group off in the corner of the yard, relaxing on lounge chairs. They are in smaller conversations and you overhear topics like relationships, weddings, movie plots and deep profound life issues. It strikes you that they seem to be talking about “internal topics” or heart issues, while the second group (with their feet dangling in the pool) were tackling “external topics.”

Finally, you spot some friends who are walking around folding towels, getting drinks and trying to make sure everyone else is having a nice time.

So, to recap:

  • Group 1: In the pool, splashing and laughing
  • Group 2: Sitting on side of pool, talking about external topics
  • Group 3: Reclining in lounge chairs, discussing deep life issues (internal topics)
  • Group 4: Getting drinks and folding towels

So, the question is what group would you go to first, and where would you be second?

Once you have identified those two, try to identify what order you might visit the last two groups.

This scenario helps us to understand the four faces since:

  • Group 1 (In the pool) = SP: Lions (Hands)
  • Group 2 (Side of the pool) = NT: Eagles (Mind)
  • Group 3 (Lounge chairs) = NF: Humans (Heart)
  • Group 4 (Folding towels) = SJ: Oxes (Shoulders)

For example, someone could first be at the side of the pool, then in the pool, then in the lounge chairs, then folding towels. So based on that, their face order would be: Eagle (NT), Lion (SP), Human (NF), Ox (SJ).

This scenario can help us to identify our face order, as well as provide two letters from our Myers-Briggs preference.

The below chart has some careers/fields that align with the four faces.
Click for more career details.

Excerpted from The Four Faces, p. 22 ©2016

*NOTE: Long ago my friend Kristen N. shared this scenario, and I believe she made it up. But if I can find another published source, I will add it.

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