The Judgement of God

Let me explain how I recently became convinced that sometimes widespread immorality is simply God’s judgement on display.

The Bible says:

God’s kindness leads to repentance. (Romans 2:4)

Therefore, if we consider the reverse, we might say,

If God were not kind, people could be led away from repentance and into sin.

Consequently, if we start with a situation where a city, region or a county appears to have a majority of unrepentant, overtly sinful people, leaders, laws, etc., we can conclude that repentance is generally not present. And if repentance is not present, then neither is the kindness of God. Now since God is love, and he can be everywhere, if there is a place or a people where his kindness is not present, what else can we call that except the judgement of God?


If we determine that a certain season or location is in fact a target of God’s judgement, we can make some observations. As Christians, when we see with our own eyes, rampant disregard for the principles of God, we are naturally appalled. The Spirit within us reviles at such behavior. We know that people are being led to their own destruction and something inside of us wants to prevent that. And yet, we really only have three options:

  1. Appeal to the people to repent, or
  2. Appeal to God to have mercy and remove the judgement, or
  3. Flee (in extreme situations)

Sometimes Christians will appeal instead to governments to try to restrain such wickedness, by creating laws which are designed to help people to stay within the bounds of God’s blessings. However, if the government is also evil, what good will that do? And/or if the majority do not want such laws, then such legislation may prove to be very ineffective.

Considering point 1 above, if the people will not repent, then we ask God to give them ears to hear. But then we quickly move on to ask God to replace his judgement with mercy. Finally, in some severe cases, we must leave a place or a situation.

Let me mention one other scenario: For a believer who finds themselves surrounded by immorality, but is not led to flee, know that God understands your predicament. Continue to practice repentance yourself, when needed, and appeal to God to show mercy to lift the judgement, for those around you. Some believers will find that the additional practice of identificational repentance to be helpful.

In the midst of difficulty, remember that we also are anticipating the eventual demonstration of God’s wrath, as detailed in two chapters of Revelation. I am not sure if that is what we see today (in 2019), but I suppose we should acknowledge the possibility. You might find some comfort in reading these two passages.

  • Revelation 6: The Seals of God’s Judgement
  • Revelation 16: The Bowls of God’s Judgement


© 2019, Alignment Life

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