Thoughts for a New Doctor

Be excellent.

Put others above yourself.

Have a healing heart as well as healing hands.

Know that the sacrifices you make will not be in vain: as you serve people, the good you give will come back to you.

Recognize that acts you do that seem insignificant to you may have great meaning for others…for you are “The Doctor.”

Call every patient by his or her name and treat each person with dignity.

Be compassionate and don’t lose sight of humanity in the sea of cures, treatments, prescriptions and preventions.

Encourage the weak, sick and dying.

Cheer on the downcast and discouraged.

Hold the hands of those who are leaving this world.

Live up to the hope that others put in you and your abilities.

Be an example of health and the care of one’s self.

Motivate others to live and live well.

Cry with the grieving.

Hug the widow.

Don’t ever give up.

Show them your hands can heal.

Give them your healing heart.

©2002, Alignment Life

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