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The Four Faces

A theory of personology.

If you liked Keirsey’s work called Please Understand Me II, and if you
subscribe to the authority of Holy Scripture, then you will likely enjoy The Four Faces. This book is about personality types and human nature, and introduces the idea that maybe God is the designer of this model of humanolgy. In some ways The Four Faces is like a Christian study guide, best read along with a copy of Please Understand Me II.

Readers will find that The Four Faces is less about how to find Keirsey in the Bible, and more about how to find the Bible in Keirsey. And then it goes on to apply these ideas to various areas, including communication, mating, spirituality and education.

88 pages, over 30 color charts, 8.25” x 10.5”, paperback

Printed in 2017

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A forestry allegory.
Follow the life journey of an unusual seed.

48 pages, 2019

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The Trinity has long been a core Roman Catholic tradition. But it also became one of Martin Luther’s. To this day, this doctrine has indirectly permeated the lives of billions of people globally. But what exactly is the basis for this teaching? In this short book, let’s explore the words of Christ, to see what he had to say about his own role in the triune Godhead. You may be surprised by what Jesus had to say, and even more so about what he did not say. If you are a follower of Christ, use this book to better know and understand the One you follow. It’s also helpful to observe some ways that human traditions can have significant impact, even if we may be caught unaware.

Part 1 in the Renouncing Rome Series (Part 2 is in the Articles.)

126 pages, 2019

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